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VRSF Intercooler FMIC Upgrade Kit 07-12 135i/335i/535i/X1/Z4 N54 & N55 E82/E84/E89/E60/E90/E92 Zoom

VRSF Intercooler FMIC Upgrade Kit 07-12 135i/335i/535i/X1/Z4 N54 & N55 E82/E84/E89/E60/E90/E92

The VRSF 7" FMIC was designed to be one of the best performing direct bolt on intercoolers available on the market. The VRSF intercooler features 3D CAD designed cast aluminum end tanks for improved flow over sheet metal end tanks & durability. We use a custom bar & plate intercooler core and a custom fin pack designed to our exact specification which we've developed over the past 7 years with great success on our Evo & DSM platforms.

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2007-2012 BMW 135i/335i/535i/X1/Z4 N54 & N55 Intercooler Upgrade Kit

Replace your overheated factory intercooler with the VRSF upgraded intercooler kit to get the most out of your N54/N55. We designed this kit to be one of the best performing, direct bolt on intercoolers available for your BMW with special attention to quality and performance while maintaining a reasonable price. Our intercoolers allow for higher HP gains, mainly due to their ability to keep intake temps down while preventing heat soak which is a common problem with the factory intercooler. This results in a more power and increased reliability with reduced chances of pre-detonation & knock.

Intercooler Core

The most important component of any intercooler is the core. The core cools the charged air from the turbo before it enters the engine and the OEM BMW tube and fin intercooler is designed to support low boost levels and air flow. Once boost levels and air flow are increased, the OEM unit is easily overwhelmed and can not keep up with the cooling demands of a tune running more than OEM boost levels. This results in heatsoak which will result in a power loss and a higher potential for pre-detonation in the upper RPM range. 

We remedy this problem with our custom bar and plate core design which utilizes a staggered and offset high density internal and external fin pack. Our core has been carefully tuned to provide the the best intake temperature reduction while maintaining minimal pressure drop. Our bar & plate core is also much more durable than the OEM tube and fin core, with a better ability to withstand rocks and other debris.

Our 5" core is recommended for those with goals of 300-500whp. We recommend our 7" intercooler for individuals requiring the utmost intake temperature reduction, ranging from the stock turbo setup to single turbo. Our 7" FMIC has been involved in many record breaking builds and is currently featured on the current world's highest horsepower N54 @ 861WHP

Finish & Construction

Our VRSF intercooler features 3D CAD designed cast aluminum end tanks for improved flow in comparison to sheet metal end tanks. Our one peice seamless cast end tanks are also more durable than comparable sheet metal or multiple peice end tanks. Every VRSF intercooler is finished in a beautiful, uniform, bright silver coating which helps protect the intercooler from corrosion and ensures your VRSF intercooler holds up to the elements, no matter where you live.

Every VRSF product includes our lifetime warranty & our "No Hassle" satisfaction guarantee which includes fitment & defects. 


Both VRSF intercoolers feature tabs that allow the retention of the factory fan shroud. We also include additional mounting hardware for extra support. We include everything required to repalce the OEM intercooler, including custom molded couplers and stainless steel t-bolt clamps necessary for installation. Please note that Z4 & 535i models will require additional hardware to complete the install. Instructions can be found here for the 535i and here for the Z4..

The 5" stepped core unit does not require trimming of the black plastic shroud (minimal trimming may be required on some models) . The 7" requires trimming of the black plastic shroud behind the bumper. The bumper does not require trimming with either models. Each VRSF intercooler is hand finished and pressure tested to ensure a high quality, leak free experience. Our intercoolers fit both Left Hand Drive (LHD) & Right Hand Drive (RHD) Models as well as all XI models.


  • High Desnity Bar & Plate Core
  • Cast Aluminum End Tanks
  • Up to 80% larger than the OEM intercooler
  • Easy install, less than 2.5 hours
  • Includes lifetime warranty
  • Dimensions: 7" - 20x5.75x7.125" / 5" - 20x8x5"

Fits the following BMWs

2007-2011 E90/E91/E92/E93 BMW 335i/xi
2011-2012 E92 BMW 335is
2008-2011 E82 BMW 135i
2012-2015 E84 BMW X1 35i
2009-2015 E89 BMW Z4 35i  
2008-2010 E60 BMW 535i   

 VRSF 5" Stepped N54/N55 FMIC Datalog

VRSF 7" N54/N55 FMIC Datalog


Great fit...perfectReview by Slimskeletor
Overall Rating
Awesome fit with zero product issues. Butt dyno approved!! Coupled with the VRSF downpipes and chargepipe, I feel confident my car can breathe better with much sharper throttle response! (Posted on 4/3/16)
Super happy with the final resultReview by chronopete
Overall Rating
I installed the 7" VRSF FMIC myself (lots of trimming required to fit, used a dremel) and I had the VRSF DP professionally installed (it's a pain, gotta remove the engine mounts on a X drive model and secure the engine so it doesn't drop to the floor) last summer and I'm super happy with the final result. (Posted on 2/20/16)
Spot on fitment.Review by sirdaft1
Overall Rating
My VRSF 7" FMIC had spot on fitment.

My VRSF CP also had spot on fitment.

I have VRSF inlets waiting to go on, and have very little to be concerned about regarding fitment.

Not to mention that Tiago's customer service is top notch. Solid dude. (Posted on 1/25/16)
Running perfect.Review by idratherbesurfing
Overall Rating
I have the vrsf 7in with zero issues and running perfect. (Posted on 1/3/16)
Great overall FMIC!Review by Kguy_17
Overall Rating
I was a little skeptical at first but the fit and finish is superb! Everything went smooth for the install and so far so good. 5" stepped for my N54! (Posted on 11/2/15)
VRSF Intercooler was well worth it!Review by e92_boost
Overall Rating
Well guys, while I was on Vacation in Europe at 3am at night hanging out sea side with my lady friend I had this awesome idea of ordering car parts lol and let's just say the VRSF Intercooler was well worth it! My brother received the package back in the states and calls me and says WOW this is well packed I'm surprised and the intercooler looked in awesome shape (even the box had no rips tears or anything like someone had "issues" with their order)

When installing the intercooler I had my friends dad help me just in case I mess up (he works for BMW International in Milwaukee) I had to obviously trim a little but I made it harder for my self by not taking the front bumper off while we had it on the lift
Alignment was perfect and right on but had to trim the passenger hose just a little because the intercooler would align straight and was cutting off air because it was bent.

When I finished first time took it for a spin around the block and let me tell you from "butt dyno" car felt way better and powerful (3rd gear for example at high rpm is outrageous and more "alive")
BECAREFUL BECAREFUL when installing to not cut the Ambient Temp Sensor because I accidentally did and just changed it (5 bucks from eBay OEM)

I wish I logged the car with the MHD tune but forgot about it cause I was in a hurry to install the intercooler and some other stuff I ordered for it. (Posted on 9/8/15)
Great quality, great price, great performance!Review by Gizm0
Overall Rating
I installed the VRSF stepped IC last night! Great quality, great price, great performance! I should have done this sooner! (Posted on 9/8/15)
Very happy with the appearance, quality, and fitReview by 08n54335i
Overall Rating
I installed VRSF DP, IC & CP with BMS DCI & JB4 and swapped oil cooler spring/Tstat. I am very happy with the appearance, quality, and fit of all products I've listed. (Posted on 8/18/15)
I love the new IC!Review by HooDat
Overall Rating
Finally got the time to install my VRSF 5" Stepped IC with lower chargepipe(definitely recommend the upgrade so much easier to install). Did it while the car was on rhino ramps... Took around 3 hours to do, definitely not a one person job. Tried to install it myself and had to call a buddy over. Everything fit great and looks beautiful, EXCEPT the mounting hardware... they didn't fit too well so i used the stock ones.

The amount of crap that fell out of the stock intercooler when removing it is ridiculous. I found all sorts of crap from dirt to bugs to cigs to plastic pieces... no wonder I was heatsoaking so easily. The VRSF intercooler is a lot bigger and has more surface area exposed. I could tell the VRSF IC holds boost much better and throttle feels a lot more responsive. Probably because of all the oil and debris in the stock one. AIT's dropped at least 30 F when spirited driving. Gotta say I love the new IC!! (Posted on 8/10/15)
AmazingReview by 2010 335i e93
Overall Rating
All I can say is wow. Tiago was there to answer ll of my questions with prompt service. Shipping was so fast and was well packaged. The product looks great, fits great, and is simply the best priced 7" intercooler on the market and the quality is great. Thanks Tiago I can feel the difference in performance and would recommend this product to all of my family and friends. (Posted on 4/15/15)
Nicely built intercoolerReview by 335imax
Overall Rating
A very solid, and well built intercooler. Weld spots are very clean and tight. Aside from not coming with any instructions on how to install it, I would have given it 5 stars. Having to figure out exactly what to modify to get this installed was my only issue. (Posted on 3/31/15)
Fits like a glove!Review by Tony
Overall Rating
Ordered the 7" FMIC and shipping was extremely fast, got to me next day. Had it installed by my BMW technician and we were both impressed by its fitment and how it lined up perfectly! Definitely recommend VRSF and all of their products! (Posted on 2/27/15)
+1 from a happy customer!Review by AWD Addict
Overall Rating
As a new (1 day old) user of the 5" stepped IC, I can vouch for VRSF as a vender, and for the quality of the product. fins were nice and dense, and all in order, and the welds on the tanks looked nice and even. Product so far is working nicely.

So +1 from a happy customer!

dR (Posted on 9/23/14)
Great New Intercooler optionReview by TOTAL
Overall Rating
My car has active cruise, so it was very important for my needs that I find an intercooler option that required no modification to stock bumper and still maximized core size with available space. The new 5" stepped core fit the bill. Very easy to install too.

Performance is stellar. Even in 90+ temps in back to back dyno pulls, iat only creeped up. At cruising speeds, iat is 5*-10* cooler than stock, and at the end of multi gear pulls, the delta between stock performance is night and day @ 40* cooler intake charge!
(Posted on 7/29/14)
Wayyyy better than the previous FMIC I had...Review by iuhutch
Overall Rating
VRSF 7" install was way easier than the previous 5" even with the bigger size. Cut bottom shroud she went right in! +1 on the couplers, wayyyy better than the previous FMIC I had... (Posted on 7/16/14)
Happy camper and extremely happy with the switch Review by m4xm1l10n
Overall Rating
Let's start off by saying that I couldn't be any happier with Tiago and the products with an extremely fast shipping time!

Recently installed the VRSF 7" FMIC & 3" Cat-less DP. First of all customer support from Tiago is simply greatness. Had a local shop in ATL install my DP and vehicle was in and out of the bay in hour and half, as the tech mention it was a breeze to install with simply zero issues, and holly crap did I pick up some seat of the pants TQ .

That same night in my garage I replace my 6" AA IC with the VRSF 7" and since the trimming was already done it was really a little over hour to install and make sure all was well and tight with a more Aggressive look from the front grill and also the couplers and clamps provided by VRSF are by far superior.

As for cooling the bigger 7" comes on top ( obviously is a bigger 7" IC ) specially during long high speed pulls confirming what TIAGO had stated. What I really like about the vrsf is how quick the IAT comes down after the vehicle is rolling from being stopped in traffic .

All in all I am a happy camper and extremely happy with the switch . (Posted on 3/10/14)
Over all I am VERY happy with the productReview by aeilers
Overall Rating
Just wants to give a little review of the product and install on my 07 E92 335i.

My VRSF DP came in the mail about 4 weeks ago or so and I finally got around to install them a week ago. Shipping was fast and everything was in order in the box when it arrived. The install is very straight forward. It did take me about 6 hours to be honest to install them. I used ramps and took my time during the install. The fitment was perfect, just enough space between the sub-frame and between the DP's themselves. Hardest part for me during the install was getting the clamp on the rear turbo and DP back installed and tight, other than that everything went just fine. Here is DIY video I used from youtube that really helped me out.

My VRSF 7 Inch FMIC was shipped to me just a few days ago. It was about a month wait for it to arrive since when I ordered it, but it was expected since they were on back order. The FMIC was boxed well and everything was in order when i was unpacking it. I installed this last night and have a OEM bumper. I also used ramps and did not remove the bumper, but it was tight fiting the FMIC in with the bumper on, recommend having a friend with you to help. Once the old intercooler is removed you will need to also remove the OEM rubber hoses too, which have a metal clamp that you will need to cut with a dremel. Its a bit tight to get to the clamp to cut but it can be done. Now the part that slowed me down was the trimming of the front shroud plastic. I first started slowly trimming it and test fitting, but after about a hour and a half I said screw it and cut the whole bottom half of the shroud out ( I recommend everyone to do that, saves ALOT OF TIME). Other than that install was easy and fit perfect.

Over all I am VERY happy with the product, I have not had much time to get my car on the road here in MN due to the cold and snow to really test it all out, but I will soon and will let you all know.

Thanks for reading and feel free to PM me if you have questions about the install. (Posted on 3/3/14)
It can't be beat!Review by BuellsterR1
Overall Rating
For the money, it can't be beat. It comes with all gaskets, hardware, has a polished finish, and fits perfectly which makes installation a breeze.

With DPs, you also reap the benefits of a throatier exhaust note. Scaled, I would rate it a notch up from stock which is perfect for someone wanting a tab bit more without it being obvious to others.

Once you've had your fun with the DPs, look into getting an intercooler. I purchased the VRSF 7" intercooler and it rocked just like the DPs. IAT with the stock IC increase on average about 40 degress from 3rd to mid 4th gear. With the VRSF IC, average IAT were 18 degrees. I was also able to maintain target boost levels on the OpenFlash Tablet which I couldn't do with the stock IC. It was always 1psi lower throught the power band. (Posted on 12/30/13)
Impressed with the quality and fitmentReview by e46m3to335i
Overall Rating
I was pretty impressed with the quality and fitment of the VRSF unit. (Posted on 12/19/13)
Unbelievable!Review by Craig
Overall Rating
I just installed the VRSF 7" as well. I'm very happy. Previously my intake temp rose from 120 - 152 degrees in one third gear pull.
I just logged after the install and my IAT only rose from 98 - 105 degrees!

Unbelievable! The second pull only rose from 100 - 105 degrees.
A Five degree rise versus a 32 degrees rise in one gear. I'll take that reduced heat soak!
The car continues to pull up top now whereas before, the quickly rising IATs were causing power loss. (Posted on 10/29/13)
I've got their 3" DP's and 7" FMIC - I couldn't be happier.Review by Moocow
Overall Rating
I've got their 3" DP's and 7" FMIC - I couldn't be happier. Tiago has been a pleasure to deal with. (Posted on 10/21/13)
Good, I've had it for over a year no issues!Review by jlcf22
Overall Rating
Good, I've had it for over a year no issues! (Posted on 10/17/13)
Very good intercooler, install is no problem!Review by bmwm3redblack
Overall Rating
I have an xi as well and it's very good intercooler, install is no problem. So go for it!!! (Posted on 10/17/13)
Switched from a 6" AMS to the 7" VRSF and definitely feel improvementsReview by JYohay
Overall Rating
I Switched from a 6" AMS to the 7" VRSf and definitely feel improvements. (Posted on 10/17/13)
It's works perfectReview by jbertino
Overall Rating
I've been running it for about 6 months . It's works perfect . I had to really beat on the car to get my iat higher than 130 . And that was in 90+degrees (Posted on 10/17/13)
Looks good and runs goodReview by gotchuckz
Overall Rating
I bought the vrsf 7" fmic a couple of months. it looks good and runs good. (Posted on 10/17/13)
Been running mine for 4 months or so and love itReview by dsjr2006
Overall Rating
I've been running mine for 4 months or so and love it. Only issue is it doesn't get fully exposed to airflow with my current E90 Pre-LCI front bumper. M3 rep should remedy that though.
(Posted on 10/17/13)
7" FMIC VRSF 135iReview by N54Guy
Overall Rating
Front Mount when on great just have to do some trimming if you go with the 7".
Car feels amazing pulls crazy hard down low and holds boost better up high I think.
(Posted on 8/27/13)
I am VERY IMPRESSEDReview by Jared
Overall Rating
I have an 07 bmw 335i e90 Manual, with jb+(100%) solenoid bypass, AFE Cold air scoops, and burger tuners Cpe- dual cone intake. I was tempted to get VRSF DP, but I would need to get a new tune or burger code delete tool, so I went for the intercooler. I am very, very shocked. One the price is not even comparable to any other brand by far!!!!!! Its took a little time to trim plastic, other than that wasn’t bad. As soon as car started, and first pull was instant an noticeable power increase, especially mid-high range. The very first pull, you can really notice. I am so impressed, not sure power the car is making, but it make it pull super hard and after run after hard run, it doesn’t let up at all, only to pull even harder each run. Customer service was great, got email back within a half-day when asking questions. I live in upstate NY, so the box was at my door in a couple days literally. Thanks again for the great products VRSF. Cant wait for the DP! ~Jared~ (Posted on 8/5/13)
VRSF cant be beat.Review by 135Pats
Overall Rating
My 7" VRSF FMIC went in yesterday without a hitch, my mechanic said that the trimming was fairly modest, and fitment was very good. Id agree with whats been said, the power gains aren't apparent until 4-5k revs, but the engine feels much smoother and repeated pulls felt very strong on the butt dyno. For the price VRSF cant be beat. (Posted on 12/27/12)
I'm really happy with my purchaseReview by SfValley335i
Overall Rating
I recently purchased a VRSF 7" intercooler for my 135i. The purchase was quick and smooth, I had the intercooler shipped to my buddies house since thats where I planned to do the install. I opted for the free shipping and received it in 6 days (West coast). The intercooler was packaged really well, it was wrapped in bubble wrap, it had hard foam all around and then popcorn. The supplied hardware included quality t-bolt clamps, mounting brackets and thick hoses.

I've had experience with Helix intercooler back in 2008, I had Long tran aka LTBMW do the install but failed because the intercooler was not a good fit. Eventually after a few phone calls to Helix, they refunded me some money and I had to do a lot of trimming/modifications to make their intercooler fit. The Helix intercooler did work great once it was installed and helped me break 400whp.

The install on the VRSF intercooler is pretty straight forward. You need to trim off a few plastic pieces and the intercooler slips right in. I did not remove the bumper off my 135i, nor did I have to adjust/move the radiator fan.

After the install of the VRSF IC, I can say the engine has a deeper sound, the car pulls better than it did with stock IC but best and most important part of all, is that after numerous runs from a stop the car continues to pulls hard. I will get logs this week once the weather warms again. I took logs of the stock IC when the temp was in the 80s.

Comparing the VRSF IC to the Helix IC I had previously, going off memory, I can say both feel about the same throughout the power band and dealing with heat soak. I can say for a fact that the Helix IC did weigh more than the VRSF IC.

At the end of the day, I'm really happy with my purchase, I did PM VRSF to ask a few questions prior to purchase and received replies within a couple hours . I do not think you can find a better fitting and functional IC for a cheaper price than the VRSF IC. I without a doubt will make future purchases from them on their exhaust/charge pipe. (Posted on 12/27/12)
VRSF components have delivered, and the performance increase has been FANTASTIC.Review by Bootay
Overall Rating
I just had my VRSF 7" FMIC and DPs installed, and it was basically a non-event. They went in easily, no real issues. My mechanic said it was just like pretty much any other DP/FMIC (and he's done plenty), the DPs fit well and he only had to trim a little bit of the shroud for the FMIC and it's very securely mounted. We had to adjust DPs once after road testing showed it was hitting subframe a tiny bit and causing massive vibrations in the cabin at low speeds, otherwise as plug and play as this stuff gets. Also dropped in the BMS DP Fix and that seems to be working great, but a few more miles are needed before I'm sure it won't pop codes.

WOT produced HUGE grins, the car feels very close to my old JB4/Meth setup, as expected from FBO. The throatier sound under heavy acceleration is great, as is stock-like sound under less than WOT.

I'm not into having any compromises on my car, as it not only has me driving around aggressively, but I also carry kids to school and ferry customers to lunch and my wife even drives it. I can't have odd noises, rattles, or reliability issues. So far, the VRSF components have delivered, and the performance increase has been FANTASTIC. (Posted on 12/27/12)

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