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VRSF Upgraded Downpipe for 2012+ BMW N55 M135i/M235i/M2/335i/435i F20/F21/F22/F30/F32/F33/F87 Zoom


VRSF Upgraded Downpipe for 2012+ BMW N55 M135i/M235i/M2/335i/435i F20/F21/F22/F30/F32/F33/F87

Model Number: N55-F30-DP

VRSF 3.5"/ 4.0" N55 Stainless Steel Catless Downpipe

  • Made from hand crafted, tig welded 304 grade stainless steel.

  • Smooth radius bends to decrease turbulence and increase flow.

  • CNC SS304 Stainless Steel Flanges.

  • Gains from 20-25hp with tune.

  • VRSF Lifetime Warranty

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Product Description


We are proud to introduce our VRSF catless & catted downpipe for your N55 BMW. This downpipe is THE best bang for the buck mod available. This downpipe is available in both catless (race) & catted configuration.

Back pressure is signficantly reduced by eliminating the restrictive catalytic converter in the factory downpipe with our catless or high flow 200 cell race cat which results in faster spool, an increase in power & a more aggressive exhaust note.

VRSF downpipes are hand crafted from mandrel bent SS304 grade stainless steel and our CNC precisions machined flanges are also consutrcuted from billet 304 grade stainless steel. All VRSF products include a lifetime warranty as well as our "No Hassle" satisfaction guarantee (including fitment). All M135i & 335i models produced up to 07/13 require the 3.5" version of this downpipe. M135 and 335i models produced after 07/13 require the 4" model of this downpipe. All M235 and 435i models require the 4" version of this downpipe. Please feel free to contact us with the last 7 of your VIN if you need help determining exactly which version of the downpipe your car requires.

Note: We also offer ceramic coating services utilizing Cerakotes High Temperature Ceramic coating, made to withstand temperatures up to 1800F. Please note that while we do offer a lifetime warranty on the downpipes, we only offer a 1 year warranty on the ceramic coating as well as the catted versions.

We use Cerakote's best thermal barrier coating which helps keep the hot air inside the exhaust and out of the engine bay which decreases overall intake air temps along with engine and transmission oil temps.

VRSF Catless & Catted 3.5" / 4.0" N55 Stainless Steel Downpipe

  • Made from hand crafted, tig welded 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Smooth radius bends to decrease turbulence and increase flow.
  • 200 cell high flow cat as well as catless options available.
  • CNC SS304 stainless steel flanges.
  • Gains from 20-25hp with tune.
  • VRSF Lifetime Warranty
Model Number: N55-F30-DP-35 / N55-F30-DP-40
This item fits the following BMWs:
2012+ F30 BMW 335i & 335xi
2013+ F32/F33 BMW 435i & 435xi
2012+ F20/F21 BMW M135i & M135xi
2013+ F22 BMW M235i & M235xi
2015+ F87 BMW M2

VRSF Downpipe with Stock Catback Exhaust


VRSF Downpipe with Stock Catback Exhaust on BMW M2


VRSF Downpipe with Stock Catback Exhaust on BMW M2


Very good product Review by Theodorecmj
Overall Rating
Fit well, nice sound (Posted on 10/11/18)
Very awsome productReview by Allan
Overall Rating
Recommended! Very nice downpipe, good quality. (Posted on 9/1/18)
Quality Welds and great productReview by Treston
Overall Rating
Sounds amazing and fitment was as advertised... perfect! Time for a tune! (Posted on 8/10/18)
Absolutely amazing!!!!Review by BenF30
Overall Rating
Cant believe i waited this long to get a dp, defintely worth it. (Posted on 8/3/18)
Good productReview by Miguel
Overall Rating
I got the downpipe for 435i and chargepipe as well. Have been using them about 1 month and so far has been excellent. Also, I had a small interaction with service department regarding a question I had and got answered really fast. Product was delivered on time. I recommend this product amd brand (Posted on 7/13/18)
Awesome product and supportReview by Mjoita
Overall Rating
Guys at VR- Spees provided great support in picking the correct product.
For 2013 335i xdrive manual installation was decent. Had to remove the oil guard skid plate to have access to upper flange. Flex head 13mm did the trick. Use antiseize for O2 sensors. Used OEM clamps for perfect fit.

Thanks (Posted on 7/6/18)
DownpipeReview by MUSA
Overall Rating
Downpipe fitted perfect on my F30 N55, ix drive, manual.

I used OEM clamps for installing the downpipe.

I love it so far. Is awesome.

(Posted on 7/5/18)
Great product and priceReview by F32 435i
Overall Rating
Got the downpipe exactly the day the ETA was set for. The install was quick and easy, did it myself at home. I turned the car on and there it is the kick I was looking for. Definitely amped up the speed as well as the sound. (Posted on 6/18/18)
Great!!Review by Miguel
Overall Rating
Installed this couple weeks ago, got resonator and muffler delete and boy does this downpipe wake the car up. I got the special coating and my butt dyno definitely feels a difference. Now to order FMIC and a tune. Easy install. (Posted on 4/14/18)
GreatReview by Jag
Overall Rating
Fast shipping, great fitment on my f30. Would recommend! (Posted on 3/19/18)
Quality and fitment Review by Bradley
Overall Rating
VRSF is the way to go hands down! Great customer service and quality parts! (Posted on 2/15/18)
Great productsReview by VRSF
Overall Rating
I have both their charge pipe and downpipe on my car. ZERO fitment issues. Shipping was quick. I just wish they would package some die cut vinyl stickers. (Posted on 11/12/17)
Car Sounds as fast as it it now!Review by Happy Bimmer
Overall Rating
This is a quality product, very well made, The install was a breeze compared to other exhaust systems I've worked on in the past. took about 2 hours with rhino ramps and jacks. Sounds great when you get up to 4-6,000 RPM's, nice and quite at highway speeds so it doesn't drive you crazy. Great bang for the buck.

Thank you guys! (Posted on 11/8/17)
Quality part and easy fitment. Review by TurboAra
Overall Rating
Best bang for the buck. Downpipe should be everyone's first mod. Install was easy, just make sure you purchase the clamp and seal from turbocharger to downpipe. Clamp for downpipe to mid pipe is reusable however there is a metal seal there, reuse at your own risk. (Posted on 10/28/17)
Great bang for the buck and good fitmentReview by Sebster
Overall Rating
Had the VRSF DP coated install on a 435xi and the fitment was good and the sound and the performance are there. So considering the price and the great service you get with Thiago, I decided to go all out VRSF and have also ordered the VRSF CP and inter cooler. (Posted on 10/26/17)
Perfect fitment and work to perfection.Review by ClevelandBeemer
Overall Rating
I'm VSRF on CP, catless DP, and 6" intercooler. All had perfect fitment and work to perfection. (Posted on 9/5/17)
They fit perfectly and are great quality products.Review by f22_shayan
Overall Rating
I have both the VRSF coated dp and their cp and couldn't be happier. They fit perfectly and are great quality products. I say go for it and you'll never look back (Posted on 8/28/17)
Quality and fitment were both spot onReview by cosmicdebris48059
Overall Rating
I went with a ceramic coated catless VRSF, quality and fitment were both spot on . VRSF doesn't have the bracket the others do that mounts to the transmission but I feel it unnecessary and it helps with getting those not so perfect aftermarket exhausts lined up by allowing the DP to be rotated one way or the other slightly. (Posted on 8/28/17)
Perfect fitReview by jgoens
Overall Rating
On my e90 I had a vrsf cp. Perfect fit and worked as it was supposed to. On my f30 now, I have a vrsf dp. Perfect fit as well. (Posted on 8/28/17)
Great productsReview by Mike.
Overall Rating
I have their Down pipe, and spacers...great products (Posted on 8/28/17)
Got it in a few days and fitment was great. Review by cosmicdebris48059
Overall Rating
Got it in a few days and fitment was great. Reused the turbo/DP clamp but replaced the gasket and replaced the DP/mid pipe V-clamp. Shouldn't have any issues as long as the installer takes the time to fit it properly and align it up correctly. Turbo/DP gasket can be easily damaged if not seated properly before tightening it down. (Posted on 6/27/17)
Add me to the list of people happyReview by ATs335Xi
Overall Rating
Add me to the list of people happy with the coated VRSF DP. I can notice the performance and sound difference. It is not nearly as loud as anticipated, but it is definitely more of a sporty sound. (Posted on 4/13/17)
Great pipeReview by F30Beast335i
Overall Rating
+1 for vrsf catless , solid great pipe and can't beat the price! (Posted on 3/31/17)
Love the soundReview by ozuna
Overall Rating
I went with VRSF had no fitment issues and love the sound (Posted on 3/30/17)
+1 VRSFReview by Jeremiah5238
Overall Rating
+1 VRSF. i feel like people have some sort of unwarranted personal vendetta against those guys. I have their catless DP and charge pipe, great fitment and zero issues at all. Stand up company if you ask me, just as reputable as ER or Wagner. Feel free to provide factual data to prove otherwise. (Posted on 3/30/17)
Sounds and feels greatReview by deepghosh
Overall Rating
I have the VRSF. No issues here, sounds and feels great (Posted on 3/30/17)
100% fitment, performance gainsReview by mookie45
Overall Rating
I went VRSF as well. 100% fitment, performance gains are most likely similar to ER. Been running for more than 13,000 miles with no issues at all. (Posted on 3/30/17)
Fit and finish is fabulous.Review by stefmiesterb
Overall Rating
Fit and finish is fabulous, sounds perfect with MPE. (Posted on 9/22/16)
Must buy!Review by David
Overall Rating
Probably my favorite mod I've done. Excellent sound, perfect fitment, insanely easy install, great price, fast shipping. Could not be happier with my purchase! (Posted on 9/18/16)
Perfect FitReview by Angelo
Overall Rating
Fantastic product, responsive customer service. Downpipe was installed by Enzo Performance and even they were complimenting the fit and finish.

(Posted on 6/23/16)
Great deal on this product!Review by doM235i
Overall Rating
I already have JB4 and the down pipe seemed like the next move. First off this is a great deal for the money! The sound is very good and there is a noticeable gain in power and acceleration! I highly recommend this product... (Posted on 6/1/16)
Love it so much more response and I can feel the power Forsure!Review by Zack F.
Overall Rating
Got it and it's installed! Love it so much more response and I can feel the power Forsure! (Posted on 4/11/16)
An exotic almost race car soundReview by jgoens
Overall Rating
I bought the DP mainly for sound and to be able to run Map 2. It did not disappoint. OMG! The burble and pops are insane. My last car also had BMW PPK so I had the burble which I have missed with this car, but it's almost out of control. The thing just pops and pops. Even on comfort mode.

But, the icing on the cake is when accelerating under an overpass, the exhaust note is, as others have said before, an exotic almost race car sound. (Posted on 2/20/16)
Overall the sound is amazingReview by arkow
Overall Rating
I installed the VRSF catless DP with a help of my friend who has a shop and a lift. Overall it was pretty easy, 1hr job. The hardest part was taking off the stock downpipe as its much wider than the VRSF and not much room there. Once the VRSF DP was installed, we didn't connect the exhaust to it yet and started the car to see how it sounds, OMG, it was pretty damn loud, but nice.. (I wouldn't mind having a electric cutout valve or whatever they are called).

Overall the sound is amazing, its quiet when cruising but once you get on it, its sounds like a race car, i love it. I have M-performance exhaust, so i don't know how it sounds on a stock exhaust, but i would guess it would be similar.

The first time i took it for a a test drive, all sport settings, OMG, i was loosing traction left and right, i definitely felt power increase throughout the RPM range (running JB4 on map 1). (Posted on 11/2/15)
Pleased with the outcomeReview by R32DBP
Overall Rating
Just installed it yesterday after work and I am pretty pleased with the outcome. The DP is clean and it works. For the price of the VRSF you can't go wrong. I haven't heard much videos of a 335i/435i with a catless downpipe and stock cat back so I figured I'd take a video of that setup. Car is bone stock and just has the VRSF DP with BMC Filter (but that's not audible). Car will be going to the guys at Enzo Performance next week for a flash so I can't wait for that. I already feel the power difference just by adding the DP.

Here is quick clip I took today after work. Will probably upload a better clip with a before and after the VRSF DP as well as some driving clips. (Posted on 10/6/15)
Overall to me its my favorite mod Review by Dyllon
Overall Rating
I just got my VRSF cat-less down pipe installed on my 335 and it was overall a good purchase.

Customer Service:
There representative helped me with the purchase and was very nice for the few days we spoke. He even was replying to me 8 to 9 pm his time.

The Delivery:
The part got to me on time and looked really nice with the ceramic coating/no damage.

Incentives for me:
-Life time warranty
-Ceramic coated
-Offer in 3.5" of my early model
-Improves hp/torque/sound
-Bolt on mod since I'm leasing

-Outrageous burbling
-And it accentuated the stock exhaust amazingly
-Doesn't sound like an empty cheap muffler upgrade
-Sounds like a backfiring badass race car kinda
-Not obnoxious
-Finally can hear my car over another car for my shift points

Overall to me its my favorite mod I have done because my car finally sounds as fast as it is. In addition I have software and intake and it feels as though its made everything work in unison. Its faster, louder, and a much smother drive. Even though it does smell and Cali regs don't like it. (Posted on 2/3/15)

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