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VRSF N54EX200 - E90/E92 335i Catback Exhaust Zoom

VRSF 3.5" Stainless Steel Street & Race Catback Exhaust 07-13 BMW 335i/335is N54 & N55

Model Number: N54EX200

The VRSF 3.5" Exhaust merges the two downpipe connections into one 3.5" which shaves about 42 lbs of total weight over the OEM exhaust. At idle, the exhaust note is subtle and slightly louder than stock which transforms into a deep, distinctive note at wide open throttle due to our use of a single 3.5" primary.

Availability: Late January ETA

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Product Description


Our VRSF 3.5" Street & Race Catback Exhaust for your N54 & N55 335i is THE best bang for the buck when it comes to catback exhausts for your 335i. Our exhaust is made from the highest quality 304 grade stainless steel & utilizes a gasket-free slip fit design with leak free band clamps to ensure quick and easy installation. By eliminating the restrictive catalytic converter in the factory catback, back pressure is reduced significantly which results in faster spool, and MORE POWER.

Street Catback:

The VRSF 3.5" Street Exhaust merges the two downpipe connections into one 3.5" which shaves about 42 lbs of total weight over the OEM exhaust. At idle, the stree muffler's exhaust note is subtle and slightly louder than stock which transforms into a deep, distinctive note at wide open throttle due to our use of a single 3.5" primary.

Race Catback:

We also offer a race version of this exahust which eliminates the muffler and shaves an additional 18 lbs of weight over the standard street exahust. Please note the Race version is quite a bit louder than the street version due to the lack of mufflers. 

We include a lifetime warranty as well as our "No Hassle" satisfaction guarantee (including fitment). Installation hardware and high quality steel gaskets are included with purchase.

VRSF 3.5" Street & Race Catback Exhaust for E90/E92 BMW 335i & 335is N54 & N55 

  • Made from hand crafted, tig welded 3.5" stainless steel.
  • 100% 304 grade stainless steel construction.
  • Over 40lbs of weight savings over the stock exhaust!
  • Fully adjustable/replaceable tip design.
  • Mandrel bent, smooth radius bends to decrease turbulence and increase flow.
  • Gaskets & mounting hardware included.
  • VRSF "No Hassle" Lifetime Warranty.

Application: 2007-2012 BMW 335i RWD Models Only (modification required for XI & Convertibles)
Model Number: N54EX200


Amazing Value - Sound is IncredibleReview by 335_Alias
Overall Rating
Installed this on my E92 (Coupe). Fitment was great, I did need some longer bolts for the rear brace over the exhaust, but spacers were provided!

I could not ask more for the tone of the exhaust. At idle it is deep and smooth, but get on the gas, it screams! I could have not asked for a better sounding exhaust. Only downside, is I do get a small drone around 1600-1800 RPM if I am cruising. But I do have catless downpipes as well, that may play into this.

In whole, if you are debating between VRSF and another exhaust; dollar for dollar there is nothing that compares. Highly recommend, VRSF comes through again! (Posted on 11/12/18)
There isn't a better exhaust setup for N55 that I've heardReview by en55335
Overall Rating
I have the VRSF catless DP and V2 exhaust setup on my N55 and I can confirm there is next to no drone. There isn't a better exhaust setup for N55 that I've heard. My cold starts are louder than an e92 M3 with an Akropivic and Dinan setup lol. Definitely not a drone to the point where it would cause a headache, which I have heard in other setups. The sound my car makes under WOT isn't something you'd expect from an I6. It is intoxicating. (Posted on 9/25/18)
VRSF catback exhaustReview by Joe
Overall Rating
Got my catback from VRSF about 6months ago now, I am extremely pleased with the exhaust note of my 08 335i now! cant wait to try the DPs next! (Posted on 1/29/18)
Great exhaustReview by Erik
Overall Rating
First off, I love this exhaust. It's awesome. Perfectly quiet normally, with a nice sound when you get on it. No drone. There's only one slight resonance at about 1700 rpm, and it's totally livable.
(Posted on 11/17/17)
Fantastic sounding exhaust and great performance!Review by Crewman
Overall Rating
Good fitment and ease of installation with catless downpipes. Actually pretty quiet and no real droning on highway. Full throttle good sound, but still fairly quiet actually.
For the price, tremendous value. (Posted on 8/3/17)
Good exhaustReview by Aren
Overall Rating
Exhaust was easy to install and sounds great. Gave a much deeper tone and downshifts/pops are amazing. I also have vrsf catless downpipe, intercooler and cp. Good quality for a good price. (Posted on 7/18/17)
The v2 exhaust roars.Review by limitdown
Overall Rating
Tiago is an great guy to work with. He's responsive to emails and his products are reasonably priced. I've purchased many things from him in the past few years.
Fitment of the DPs is perfect. CP fitment is perfect. The 7inch FMIC works very well for its price point. The v2 exhaust roars. Poppy, burbly, backfire-y, with the burble setting in MHD completely turned off. (Posted on 3/27/17)
It fit pretty wellReview by Stucks
Overall Rating
I like the VRSF exhaust I have (just purchased a month ago). so far, it has much less drone on the highway than my old catless ets exhaust had. cold starts are about the same. idling noise is actually quieter. It fit pretty well too. I'm pleased with it for the price. (Posted on 1/6/17)
Can't beat it!Review by mx_freestyle
Overall Rating
I have VRSF and I personally like it. Sounds great with downpipes! Plus for the cost can't beat it! (Posted on 1/6/17)
Great exhaust Review by Tim M.
Overall Rating
Installed on my 335 x drive with little modifications sounds great (Posted on 9/11/16)
A+ ExhaustReview by 335iTT
Overall Rating
Having driven 3-4 months now with the exhaust installed, I can say, you couldn't ask for a better exhaust! On top of lightening your overall weight by 42lbs, it also redirects the exhaust into one single 3.5" primary which reduces air flow resistance. One thing I like about this exhaust is that when you're driving casual, it's quiet and subtle but still have that deep growl. When you open up under WOT however, this things transforms into a beast and is sure to swing some heads. Coupled with VRSF 3" catless downpipes is where this really shines. The turbo spool is very audible, kicking in around that 3k mark. Cold start, it sounds like an angry bear with an empty stomach. A++ nice work, Tiago!

PS. My mechanic who did the install said it sounded better than the $5,000 exhaust he just put on a Porsche before my 335i. (Posted on 9/1/16)
Perfect exhaust, look no furtherReview by C.D.E
Overall Rating
This was not first exhaust I put on my 335. It should have been the first though . I tried another brand of exhaust strictly based on price the first time. Having owned more than a few performance cars and trucks I should have know better. My first exhaust droned like crazy when I was cruising on the freeway on my way to work or just driving around town . My freeway commute is about 80 miles a day. My wife really didn't even like to take my car anywhere. The vrsf catback with vrsf cat less downpipe is absolute perfection. When getting off the line while driving there is a good deep sound, after that it mellows out and is actually pretty quiet . When you punch it , the sound is amazing. Let's everyone know that your ride isn't stock. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. The exhaust fits perfect and was super easy to install . Quality is spot on. The only bad thing I can say is that if you have a sedan, you will need to find new tips. The tips I was provided stick out way to far, about 5 inches past the bumper. This was remedied by ordering some from magnaflow that were much shorter. All the products I have ordered from vrsf have been great in terms of quality and fit. Keep up the good work. Btw, why don't you have stickers or decals? (Posted on 8/31/16)
Unique sound and it is awesomeReview by idratherbesurfing
Overall Rating
The VRSF exhaust has its own unique sound and it is awesome. Its a good price and high quality sound it should be a no brainer if you are actually interested in it. (Posted on 2/9/16)
Perfect exhaustReview by E90gone
Overall Rating
Guys this is well worth it!!! I only lost about 1/2-3/4" of ground clearance. Quiet and tame when your cruising around and a beast when your on it. Perfect exhaust and I want to give it up to VRSF for making such a great product for us!!!!!! (Posted on 2/24/14)
Fitment is dead on, no hassle, bolt it up and go.Review by Yodaime
Overall Rating
Shout out to Tiago@VRSF for hooking it up for my 20th exhaust setup this year. I have to say this has to be one of my favorite setup out of many exhausts I've tried.

1. Fitment is dead on, no hassle, bolt it up and go.

2. Packaging was just absolutely nice, Everything had its own package

3. Hardware is there, everything. Nothing missing, everything you need.

4. Performance is naooo approved. aka flow,spool,throttle,smooth. perfect.

5. Sound, I've owned 20 exhausts and wow. It's a tamed beast and its ready to unleash by just a foot on the pedal. It's raw, it's not annoying loud., Drone? I've never heard such a thing in this exhaust. It's soothing and not crazy loud as everyone thinks it is. If I were to rate it 1 out of 10 as loudness, I'd give it 6-7ish. For a more noticeable tone and not a "look at this fool type of loud" . This is perfect for you. (Posted on 8/27/13)

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