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VRSF 3.5" Ceramic Coated Downpipe N55 10-13 BMW 135i/335i/X1 Zoom

VRSF 3.5" Ceramic Coated Downpipe N55 10-13 BMW 135i/335i/X1

Model Number: N55EX100
The VRSF 3.5" downpipe upgrade is THE best bang for the buck mod available for your N55 135i & 335i/xi. By eliminating the restrictive catalytic converter in the factory downpipe, back pressure is significantly reduced which results in faster spool, an increase in power & a more aggressive exhaust note. Our downpipe also features a unique CFD optimized cast merge collector which offers the smoothest turbo to mid pipe transition available.

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Product Description


The VRSF 3.5" downpipe upgrade is THE best bang for the buck mod available for your N55 135i & 335i/xi. By eliminating the restrictive catalytic converter in the factory downpipe, back pressure is significantly reduced which results in faster spool, an increase in power & a more aggressive exhaust note. Our downpipe also features a unique CFD optimized cast merge collector which offers the smoothest turbo to mid pipe transition available.

Every VRSF downpipe is hand crafted from tig welded, mandrel bent, 304 grade stainless steel. High quality replacement hardware and mid-pipe gaskets are included although we highly recommend purchasing the optional turbo clamp and gaskets if your car has more than 60k miles.

Cerakote High Temperature Ceramic Coating: 

Our N55 downpipe now includes ceramic coating free of charge. We use Cerakote's best thermal barrier coating which helps keep the hot air inside the exhaust and out of the engine bay which decreases overall intake air temps along with engine coolant and transmission oil temps.

  • Made from hand crafted, tig welded 3.5" 304 grade stainless steel.
  • CFD optimized, cast stainless steel merge collector.
  • Smooth radius bends to decrease turbulence and increase flow.
  • CNC SS304 Stainless Steel Flanges.
  • Gains from 25-30hp with tune.
  • Gaskets & mounting hardware included.
  • VRSF Lifetime Warranty
This item fits the following BMWs:
2011 - 2013 E82 BMW 135
2010 - 2013 E90/E91/E92/E93 BMW 335i/xi N55
2012 - 2015 E84 BMW X1 35i

VRSF 3.5" Catless Downpipe W/Stock Catback Exhaust


nice fit on E84, nice low RPM rumbleReview by guyvelo
Overall Rating
Really happy with the DP, fit was easy once shielding removed and exhaust just lowered to clear cat removal. O2 bungs position not optimal for X1, pipe has to be rotated just right to clear upper sensor to the left and and lower to the right. luckily the exhaust is spot on at that position. A bit louder than stock, no drone. Best part is a low rpm rumble at part throttle (1500-2500) that wasn't there before. 5 star for me... (Posted on 10/27/18)
Nice productReview by Jimmymit
Overall Rating
I opened the box and this immediately seemed like a quality downpipe. It fits perfectly on my E93. Nice addition to my JB4. (Posted on 10/8/18)
There isn't a better exhaust setup for N55 that I've heardReview by en55335
Overall Rating
I have the VRSF catless DP and V2 exhaust setup on my N55 and I can confirm there is next to no drone. There isn't a better exhaust setup for N55 that I've heard. My cold starts are louder than an e92 M3 with an Akropivic and Dinan setup lol. Definitely not a drone to the point where it would cause a headache, which I have heard in other setups. The sound my car makes under WOT isn't something you'd expect from an I6. It is intoxicating. (Posted on 9/25/18)
Best Down Pipe!Review by Chris
Overall Rating
Install was super easy, fitment is perfect, and ceramic coated? What more could you ask for? Great product for a competitive price, and very noticeable difference in power! Lets the turbo breath and gives a little more sound to the exhaust. Thanks VRSF! (Posted on 8/15/18)
Best bang for your buck Review by Yegor
Overall Rating
Couldn’t ask for any better. This is the best bang for your buck. Quality is excellent and makes the car sound raspier! Install took me 4 hours altogether and it is well worth it. Car sounds raspier and the throttle response has improved drastically. Very satisfied with my purchase! (Posted on 5/29/18)
Great FitmentReview by MI135
Overall Rating
Perfect fitment and didn't require dropping the subframe. Ideal all around. (Posted on 5/4/18)
Thumbs upReview by Eddie
Overall Rating
New to modifications category, but had my friend help me put this on, he had a little trouble lining it up he said, but we got it all squared away. with that being said we didn't have a lift or it probably would have cut the install time in half. Sound is great, you hear it when you get on it. I have to buy the "fix" now because my engine light has come on from the o2 sensor, so that's going to be an addition $92 for the n55, but you gotta pay to play i guess. I'd recommend this product (Posted on 3/27/18)
Works and fits like a gloveReview by Iorra
Overall Rating
Good fitment and works as described. Good stuff. (Posted on 2/16/18)
The Best Mod For Your N55Review by Brandon H.
Overall Rating
This mod completely changed the tone of my car and sounds like an absolute beast. The install was a pain without a car lift, but was completely doable, only road bump we had was having to cut the old midpipe bolts off because of the excess rust, so we used a sawzall. Thankfully VRSF was smart enough to include new bolts, didn't have any exhaust leaks and the power gains are definitely felt with almost no drone inside the cabin. (Posted on 1/19/18)
perfect !Review by joey
Overall Rating
bought this downpipe for my 2011 335 x drive and it fit perfectly. love the quality and product ! definitely recommend! (Posted on 1/9/18)
QualityReview by boosted_papi
Overall Rating
All the VRSF products not only fit perfectly but the quality is on point i ordered full bolt ons for my N55 and the car sounds great and feels great great power increase. Thanks VRSF for such quality products. (Posted on 8/24/17)
Buy it!Review by Jorge
Overall Rating
Stop looking, this product by far is hands down the best bang for the buck! (Posted on 8/4/17)
Fitment and quality of it was amazing. Review by Jordan R.
Overall Rating
I purchased a catless downpipe from you and the fitment and quality of it was amazing. Thanks for such a great product that really woke the car up with my jb4. Just need an intercooler now to keep the temps lower. (Posted on 6/27/17)
Best bang for the buckReview by Jean Robert lundi
Overall Rating
Ordered the n55 downpipe for my 335i after hearing about VRSF through the Evo/DSM community. When I received the downpipe The packaging was superb. The logo on the box looked professional as well as the packaging of the downpipe. The ceramic coating and welds looked great. The only thing I was concerned about was the gasket. I would prefer a better quality gasket but that's just my personal preference. For the price you definitely get a high quality product and it makes you second guess why others downpipes are overpriced. I'm going to order my 7" HD intercooler and charge pipe next (Posted on 6/23/17)
Amazing downpipesReview by Kadeem
Overall Rating
Sound is amazing and I have absolutely no problems with it. A clear difference in performance. Burbles and pops sound amazing. Definitely worth the buy.!!! (Posted on 5/8/17)
Ultimate in price and qualityReview by Brandon
Overall Rating
I couldn't be happier with this purchase. I must start by adding that Tiago runs an incredible business with quality parts and superior customer service. I ordered the parts about a week back when the northeast was getting hit by a bad snow storm. I contacted Tiago to find out when my parts would be in as I had ordered the charge pipe (mine failed the stress test of increased boost) at the same time and needed to get my car on the road for a planned Canyon run. He not only upgraded the shipping to two day air but was also going to do it for free. He ended up splitting the cost with me after I asked to pay for the increased shipping charges. After getting the parts installed (fitment was prefect, everything lined up like factory) I tuned my car for the new equipment and took it out. The sound was intoxicating, the throttle response was greatly improved, and the smiles per miles couldn't be better. If you are on the fence at all, just jump over. You won't look back. Zero buyers remorse is found here. I just ordered the 7"HD intercooler from here because is so happy with the quality and customer support and can't wait to pull my car down this weekend and get it installed! (Posted on 3/21/17)
Great value and even better results! Review by STurnerXM2010
Overall Rating
Straight forward install completed in a couple hours in the garage without the need for a lift. I ran the catless version with stock M Performance mufflers and the sound is perfect. Quiet with zero drone while driving conservatively, but when you go WOT she really wakes up! Turbo loves being able to spool a little quicker and acceleration has an obvious increase. Hard to beat this bolt on for the money. Fitment was great and performance gains were easily noticeable. Great product. (Posted on 1/3/17)
Great productReview by snizzletoff
Overall Rating
This is the 2nd time i have ordered a downpipe from VRSF. I also had their n54 downpipes. Great quality and fantastic price.

4 stars because it didn't include the hardware that is was supposed to. (Posted on 12/15/16)
The BEST!!!Review by Earl
Overall Rating
After doing lots of research on lots of downpipe manufacturers, I decided to give VRSF 3.5" a try since the price was right and reviews were positive. I'm so happy I listened to the reviews. The craftsmanship is excellent, the fitment was spot on, and the quality is better than downpipes that cost almost double. If anyone is looking for a N55 downpipe LOOK NO FURTHER! THIS IS THE ONE!!! (Posted on 10/31/16)
Amazing product!Review by juan
Overall Rating
Such an impressive add-on for these N55s. I have a stage 2 jb4, and these downpipes and the car feels insanely faster. Plus this add-on makes your car sound amazing, makes you want to drive with the windows down all the time! (Posted on 9/1/16)
Easy installReview by Cassidy J
Overall Rating
Easy install on my 2012 335i N55. The disconnect, fitment, and connection were spot on. I was able to get all 4 bolts on and tightened down. No leaks and amazing sound with the turbo spool. I even get a crackle when I downshift or use the paddle shifters. Great product (Posted on 7/27/16)
I am very happy with the pipeReview by Craig C.
Overall Rating
I got the downpipe in the mail Friday and installed it yesterday. I am very happy with the pipe itself installation was a breeze and everything fit like it should. Also it sounds great. Awesome product. I also installed jb4 today and the two made a good combo. (Posted on 3/1/16)
Super happy with the final resultReview by chronopete
Overall Rating
I installed the 7" VRSF FMIC myself (lots of trimming required to fit, used a dremel) and I had the VRSF DP professionally installed (it's a pain, gotta remove the engine mounts on a X drive model and secure the engine so it doesn't drop to the floor) last summer and I'm super happy with the final result. (Posted on 2/20/16)
I'm happy with the sound levelsReview by GoodMoodley
Overall Rating
I just installed a VRSF DP on my N55. I have stock exhaust. On cold start up it is quite loud but this only lasts for a about 20 seconds.

Once the engine warms up a bit the sound evens out. It is a little bit louder than stock when driving normally with mild throttle inputs. When you step on it it sounds great. I even get pops and burbles that were not present before. I was considering getting exhaust as well and am glad I didn't. I'm happy with the sound levels I have now. (Posted on 2/4/16)
Sounds gloriousReview by olivojoe
Overall Rating
I have the VRSF catless DP, and it sounds glorious! (Posted on 12/28/15)
I would recommend the VRSF DP.Review by Schmidty335i
Overall Rating
I would recommend the VRSF DP. Seems very solid and was a breeze to install. (Posted on 9/18/14)
This is the way to go, and I couldn't be happier.Review by ryanakata
Overall Rating
The next day this arrived. I headed to my parents house roughly 2 hours north of me where most of my tools are still located. Got the car up in the air, and began snatching the old one out. The old one is huge and heavy, I do not look forward to the day I have to put it back in. My advice to anyone installing a downpipe is get some EXTREMELY long needle nose pliers to help close the clamp onto the downpipe and turbo. Also once the clamp is seated it is nearly impossible to rotate the downpipe. I am going to attempt to rotate mine this weekend as it has my exhaust in the rear slightly out of alignment. I would recommend buying on that has a bracket on it for the transmission brace, but I couldn't justify the extra $$$ just for that feature. Also when you finish this job your hands will look like you stuck them in a meat grinder.

So I get everything back together, and the first start, CANFlap Open, and Whooaaaaaa it's loud. My parent's come outside to see if anything is wrong but then it idles down and sounds just fine. I take it for a drive and am in love with the sound. You can hear the turbo spooling in normal driving. I get the car warmed up, switch to Map2, head out near the airport. This thing is a beast now, I had to use the DTC button to prevent the car from interfering with the throttle. It slams you into the seat, and sounds like an exotic after 4k RPM. Combined with the JB4, this is the way to go, and I couldn't be happier. (Posted on 7/2/14)
Quality product it fit first try!Review by ZeroSix
Overall Rating
So I decided to order a VRSF Downpipe while waiting for their catback to release. Plus its still at their discounted rate so I said fuck it and went for it. I got it within 5 days over the weekend and was looking for a place to install it. Muffler shops didn't do me much good since California's emissions laws are so strict. I called 3 body shops. One quoted me $300 another $290 and EAS quoted $190. Made an appointment at EAS 2 weeks in advance and looked for other options. A buddy of mine had a small garage where a few guys do some work on their drift cars. $100 installed still found it a little pricey but the labor it requires to get to the Downpipe isn't the easiest. Took about 3-4 hours and wow am I impressed. Note I have stock mufflers still

So cold start is loud. Once warmed up it goes to a quiet rumble a little louder than stock. Regular civilized driving there isn't much sound difference either. It's very nice for cruising. The smell is similar to a lawn mower it's not awful but for sure noticeable. Now when you push the to my ears! It sounds amazing. You can hear everything from the intake pulling in air to the turbos spooling and the exhaust roaring behind you it's beautiful! I'm debating on keeping it how it is now! The turbo spools a lot quicker, response is improved. And my stock run flats don't hold traction (gotta change them ASAP) oh man those pops and crackles are crazy! I've scared a few people on the side walk.

I really have nothing negative to say about this Downpipe it was worth it entirely. Quality product it fit first try. I have a JB4 so it clears the code for me so I can't tell you how long it took my CEL to turn on. I'll try to upload some videos for you all! If you have any questions or whatever feel free to ask! (Posted on 7/2/14)
Fitment was perfect!Review by Jgabucc1
Overall Rating
013 335xi PPK + JB4 set to map 5, high flow filter, and now a VRSF downpipe.

I have read several reviews on this forum none of which really convinced me or drove me from an emotional standpoint to get this done due to issues with CEL light, and installation hassle of getting this installed on a XI.

To keep this brief and to the point, anyone who is on the fence about swapping out the stock downpipe DONT BE! This is of course your currently running a JB4 or other tune. The car should of came like this out of the factory. It's a whole new animal and has really added to the fun factor which simply wasn't there before. Acceleration in all gears and RPMs has increased tremendously, add that to the fact the sound of the turbo spooling, big increase in burble and pops heard, I almost want to say I look forward to getting in the car and going for a drive.

Fitment was perfect and the unit aligned, with a little play of the exhaust, perfectly. I'm very very happy with my choice and regret not having this done sooner. No idle issues to talk about. So far after two days I haven't smelled anything differently than when the catted pipe was on the car. (Posted on 7/2/14)
Car feels like a beast!Review by TeinBMW
Overall Rating
I've got these on my n55 and wow!! with a good tune and an intake...the car feels like a beast..absolutely love the downpipe...has a nice raspy tone to it..not loud on low rpms but when you drop her in sport (AT) and give her..she has a nice sound to her around the 3000rpm range and up...some times i just put my car in sport and drive all the way home...i know it kills more gas but man...that exhaust tone is beu...tiii..fulllll!!!!! (Posted on 8/15/13)

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